Surface Imperfection Packs by Emil Skriver

Dirt & Scratches, Water Stains, Smudges

About Surface Imperfections

Surface imperfections are small variations in the appearance of surfaces. They can be found everywhere in various shapes and forms and usually come from natural weathering or human interaction. Whether it be smudges on your phone, dirt on a car or water stains on a mirror in the broad spectrum surface imperfections are all the wear and tear elements on surfaces. 

My surface imperfections are captured from real surfaces making them both high quality and ultra-realistic. I find that often procedural or painted textures often lack the realism and fidelity that real life has, and there's no better place to gather realistic material than from reality. 

This pack can help you get that realism that 3d often lacks with various different finger smudges, weathering effects, generic smudge patterns, specific fingerprints, dust and grunge maps.

Dirt & Scratches

High Quality 4K 16 bit Dirt & Scratches Textures


 » 20 4k Tiling Textures

 » 29 4k Stencils

 » 14 2k Decals

Water Stains

High Quality 4K 16 bit Water Stains Textures


 » 12 4k Tiling Textures

 » 24 4k Stencils

 » 19 2k Decals


High Quality 4K 16 bit Smudge Textures


 » 26 4k Tiling Textures

 » 24 4k Stencils

 » 46 2k Decals


All in 16 bit png format, ready to be used in any software that supports the format.

 » Tiling Textures: Hand tiled smudge textures equalized for minimum visible repetition.

 » Stencils: Non-tiling textures that can be used as stencils in 3d painting software such as Substance Painter or Mari, or can be used as arbitrary realistic detailing elsewhere.

 » Decals: Non-tiling separated textures, good as brushes in 2d and 3d painting software as well as decals in game and render engines.

In 3d software, the textures are very powerful when used as material masks or as gloss, normal/bump or metallic variation. In that way, the textures will add definition to your materials that react in a realistic way.